10. – 12 April 2020

Meditation & Improvisation Workshop – Copenhagen

We hereby welcome you to three days of meditation, movement practice, acting exercises and creative improvisation. With the purpose to be able to integrate creativity and spirituality.

How can creativity and spirituality have a mutually inspiring effect on one another? That is the central question we will be exploring. The workshop is thus designed to enrich or reignite your creative or spiritual practice – no matter what activity or practice you are involved in (beginners with little or even no experience in the above-mentioned practices are also welcome).

We believe that spirituality and creativity go hand in hand. If either of them has to drag the other one along, or if one of them takes off on its own, then whichever practice you are involved in – creative or spiritual – is going to get heavy and burdensome or spin out of control and crash. In short: if the two are not integrated, then your involvement in either of them risk becoming way less fruitful than it could be.

So, back to the central question: how are we going to do this? By taking a step back, figuratively speaking. By returning to the core of it all: you – in terms of your experience of yourself as a fully living human being with body, heart, mind and spirit. Practically speaking, this means that we will try to pinpoint the connections between spirituality and creativity through intertwined exercises in movement, physical awareness, meditation and improvisational acting.

In other words, we will try to identify the connecting points between creativity and spirituality. It means that, on the one hand, we will be working with how to ensure that a spiritual practice, mainly meditation, mindfulness and yoga, can be fueled by creative expression. On the other hand, we will be working with how a creative practice, improvisational movement and acting, in particular, can be enriched by the perspectives and principles from spirituality and mindfulness/meditation.

We will seek to clarify where creativity and spirituality differ in terms of their purposes and perspectives. Identifying the differences will help sharpen either one.

We are two teachers who will jointly lead this workshop: Caspar Schjelbred (acting, clowning and improvisation) and Simon Vittus Jasper Hansen (yoga, mindfulness and meditation). You will find more information on our respective credentials by scrolling further down.

The workshop is open to anyone engaged in creative and/or spiritual practices – or who wish to be. No specific qualifications are required to participate. The wish to pursue the integration of creativity and spirituality is enough!

Dates: 10-12 April 2020
Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Easter)

Daily format
12:30-15:30 Early afternoon session
15:30-16:00 Break
16:00-19:00 Afternoon/evening session

Fee: 2950 DKK
Registration: simonvjh@gmail.com

We offer the same workshop in France, April 24-26: Meditation & Improvisation Workshop – Paris

Acting, clowning and improvisation. Caspar directs IMPRO SUPREME in Paris and across the world since 2010. Co-director of Impro Academy and former artistic director of The Improfessionals, he started as a solo performer with his show PLAN C in 2012. He recently created the physical comedy show AVANT-GARDE in collaboration with HaHaHa Impro Theatre in Sofia, Bulgaria. Caspar is the main associate of Ira Seidenstein (International School for Acting And Creativity – ISAAC) and holds an MA in History of Science from the Sorbonne Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, where he specialised in the history of psychology and the study of emotion. Web site: http://www.caspar-schjelbred.com/

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Simon has an MA in philosophy and communication, with a thesis on research within meditation and mindfulness. He is a certified yoga teacher (500 Hours in total from the Israeli-American Shy Sayer), a psychotherapist (4-year education from a governmentally approved training in Denmark) and mindfulness instructor (in the evidence-based MBSR program developed at University of Massachusetts). He lives a life centred around meditation and spiritual practice and engages in months-long retreats every year. Web site: http://simonvjhansen.dk/